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A VPN is known as a virtual private network that’s ideal for users who needs extra privacy and security when browsing the internet. VPNs are normally used by businesses and their employees through a secure and private network. This network ensures that all important data and passwords are encrypted and only shared between users who have…
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Whilst many things from the 90s may have made a comeback over the past few years (after all, that not-so-long-ago decade was actually childhood for nearly half of the population), web design does not fall into this category. It can be quite entertaining to look back at some of the eye-burning websites that major brands…
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This is a public service announcement (PSA)  regarding a security issue that has a wide impact. Yesterday was coined “Black Monday” in many information security circles. We have had a major Wi-Fi vulnerability announced that affects absolutely every device that supports Wi-Fi. The vulnerability allows attackers to decrypt WPA2 connections. A second vulnerability also emerged…
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VAU Networks is a CloudFlare Optimized Partner VAU Networks is proud to be a CloudFlare Optimized Hosting partner. VAU Networks is able to offer it’s hosting client’s CloudFlare services for free! (with the exception of railgun). If purchased directly from CloudFlare these services, including Railgun, would cost $200+ per month, so this is an exceptional…
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