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This is a public service announcement (PSA)  regarding a security issue that has a wide impact. Yesterday was coined “Black Monday” in many information security circles. We have had a major Wi-Fi vulnerability announced that affects absolutely every device that supports Wi-Fi. The vulnerability allows attackers to decrypt WPA2 connections. A second vulnerability also emerged…
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VAU Networks is a CloudFlare Optimized Partner VAU Networks is proud to be a CloudFlare Optimized Hosting partner. VAU Networks is able to offer it’s hosting client’s CloudFlare services for free! (with the exception of railgun). If purchased directly from CloudFlare these services, including Railgun, would cost $200+ per month, so this is an exceptional…
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  Win 1 Year Free VAU Business Webhosting including a domain name including one-off High Quality Logo Design and Business Card Design! VAU Networks is a premier resource and one-stop-shop for everything you need for your business! High Quality Business Class Web Hosting, Telecommunications (VOIP), Business Branding, Printing Services, Server and System Administration, Website design…
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  A Quick Introduction to Ransomware   Ransomware is malicious software that an attacker installs on your computer or on your server. They use an exploit to gain access to your system, and then the ransomware executes, usually automatically. Ransomware encrypts all your files using strong unbreakable encryption. The attackers then ask you to pay…
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Mobile Phone jargon has become so confusing that choosing a handset feels like trying to translate the Rosetta Stone catalogue. What does it all mean? How much is useful info, and how much is just noise? If terms such as AMOLED and Nougat (no, not the sweet kind) leave you scratching your head then reading…
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