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Think branding is only for large multi-national corporations? Think again. Here are 9 easy tips you can use to grow your brand with your customers.     The design of your logo really doesn’t matter. Would you choose MSN as your search engine over Google because of their logo? No, having a nice professional logo…
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Howdy! Well. Now that the secret giggling and white knuckled suspense behind the scenes is over we were able to successfully launch our new website design ! We are extremely proud to announce and present the remodel and merger site! Why did we change i hear you say. Well the idea behind it was…
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PHP7 is finally here, But is all the fuss really worth it? Here are a few pointers you can do with PHP7 for you to make up your mind! Double the speed! Compared to PHP 5.6, PHP 7 offers up to twice the speed and 50% improved memory consumption. In practice, that means 2x faster…
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  Simply because you’re reading this; it’s safe to assume you don’t spend the entirety of your days in a cave in the middle of nowhere (with no contact from the outside world). This assumption made, one could now also assume you’ve heard of ‘Pokemon Go’. An augmented reality game that encourages users to walk…
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