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There are many techniques to boost your website’s exposure, from creating Facebook posts to collecting customer reviews. Today we’re tackling another tactic for acquiring traffic, the SEO method of “backlinking”. A backlink is a link on somebody else’s website, which points to content on your site. This could be a link added by the website…
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If you’re not familiar with PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor), it’s a popular server scripting language that converts a static page into a dynamic web page. If you dive into the make-up of your site, you’ll notice that many of your files are in the .php format, that’s because features on your site rely on a PHP…
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This thing working? Our servers are up 24/7 and if there is any downtime, we will alert you as soon as possible. Even the best servers have to go down from time to time. We upgrade our servers with more RAM and better CPUs. Why? Because all the money brought into VAU goes back into…
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We are expanding…Rapidly! To keep up with other competitors we need to be the best and provide the most. We are wanting ideas for games to be hosted. We are wanting to know how many people are wanting the game and if we think its a game we should add then we will get our…
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