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Well. Now that the secret giggling and white knuckled suspense behind the scenes is over we were able to successfully launch our new website design !

We are extremely proud to announce and present the remodel and merger site!


Why did we change i hear you say. Well the idea behind it was incredibly simple.

We (As always) wanted to make a change and make things simpler and smoother and sexier to view, locate and order or find out more information on all the products we offer along with being able to maintain the site easier.


So what did we do exactly?

We initially had 3 websites all manually created all offering different products and services. This was difficult as although it was all a part of the same company made it tricky to locate services on the other sides so gaming clients didn’t know we did hosting, telecoms clients didn’t know we did gaming etc etc.

So what better way to restore order than to merge VAU Hosting, VAU Gaming, VAU Telecoms, VAU Business, VAU Origin all into ONE website! We intitially set aside 6 months to fully merge everything including the billing system and such and we were mightly surprised that we actually completed the whole intital project in just over a 1.5 weeks!!!!!


The response from clients and visitors to the new website has been outstanding and we are honored by the feedback received, and this paves the way to future department developments with little to no limitation or restriction on expansion! PLUS its sooo much easier now for you to locate the services you require in one go!

We will obviously still be collecting data about minor typos and bugs that have been located as well as continue to develop (Even when a project is complete at VAU Networks , its never completed forever there is always room for expansion and improvements!)

What do you think of the new site? Do let us know in the comments below!




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