Posted on: July 11, 2016 Gaming, Tips

Scriptfodder is a massive marketplace for addons on gmod. If your a server owner, you will probably spend half your life on this website and constantly downloading updates for the addons you have paid for. But are they worth the payment? Would you really pay $25 for an addon?

Lets add a situation, if you have had a server for garrys mod then you should be aware. Okay so you have got $50 worth of addons, you leave your server inactive for a few weeks, addons are out of date and the server is just constantly updating itself for its core files at night. So you get the odd player who joins for 2 mins then leaves. You decide to come back to update and you have been banned for leaking. You havent used leaks nor have you leaked an addon. How angry would you be? Would you fight back and argue? Of course you would.

Well we have had experience with this sort of thing and we think its absolutely crazy on why they are doing this. The fact you can get banned for using leaked addons is silly as well! Its not like the developer is affected massively is it…they arent really losing much, okay they are losing money but they are not going to be relying on this income are they.

Tell us what you think about scriptfodder? Do you think they should be multiple marketplaces? Maybe you think VAU Should have a go at making one. We want to know what is going off in the gaming world so we as a company can provide you something which no one else offers 🙂 Go ahead!

We are not affiliated with scriptfodder. We are purely asking for the opinions of the community using the examples of scriptfodder. All rights go to scriptfodder and discord studios.

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